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Member since: October 1, 2006
Last visit: December 17, 2006
Name: leobrazil
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Location: sao paulo (sao paulo)
Country: Brazil
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category: Anything | October 18 | @139 | comments comments(1)

they are welcome to Brazil BEP! day 11/11/06 the city of São Paulo goes to stop! mega show of the black eyed peas!!!!! enclosure for bullfighting skol anhembi, I see la to you!!!!!!!!!!


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02/16/07 @733
10/11/06 @196
style bin laden? an irresponsibility act cause the greater catastrofe of Brazilian aviation, worse cause the pain of 154 families that will not be able never more power to review its familiar ones, will not be able to tan a sunday in family, therefore not sera the same thing without being able to count with that unhappyly it was. I ask... sera that after causing a disaster of this size I would play to place my head in the pillow and to sleeping ? I confess that only in thinking ja I enter about desperation I am not ninguem to judge people , therefore this this in the hands of God, but it aches in knowing that a indiciplina act perhaps can have caused everything this, was so simple to have more gone down a little with the airplane, nothing of this would have happened, all in house happy to the side of its families, but unhappyly this never anger to happen, therefore in the world of today people they find that they are owners of the world, most good country... or more good American they find that they are owners of the world, but nao is well thus therefore la in top has a God, it yes orders in everything this, everything depends on the will of the gentleman, Americans can destroy country in wars, reinvindicar what to want therefore the majority of country no poderam with its harnesses, but with God american no can. they want an example? a city inteirinha flooded? where they are the power of america? what they had made? what the money of america ? tufoes... become...

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loving of the freedom, dream with the peace in the

living creature my days as if nao was ultimos.. therefore knows when sera really I finish it. I love my family far my important friends therefore soh now living of them I know how much sao in my life "I nao had noçao" and everything to that in some way FAS. I feel homesicknesses to me of some years well atras.. of the time of school. at last of all q lives in the past with "LITTLE" intensity. today I learned of the value to everything ea all. therefore of some form the present q I am living now. goes to capsize last. THAT WHEN the SUN INVADES EYES EH SOH PRA TO REMEMBER to YOU. HOW the GOOD one Of alive LIFE NAO HAS PRICE.... intensely. with much joy and peace in its coraçao! therefore everything goes to be valid imposes a fine on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of some form or some manera.. believes vc... believes its dreams. therefore they sao combustivel alive pra q vc... at last MAKES ITS LIFE VALUE IMPOSES A FINE ON... OUR WORLD ALWAYS LOOKS WELL PRA VC.. HAS PEACE IN ITS CORAÇAO.. THEREFORE OF BAD PEOPLE THIS REPLETO... propagates the PEACE... / AM / i / UMG
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